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Form I-9 Compliance provides the newest, most efficient methods of responding to the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act and enables employers to easily conduct legal right to work Form I-9 employment verifications on new employees. Additionally, Screen 360 provide a way to manage U.S. employment eligibility and related regulatory compliance for current employees. Screen 360 permits employment eligibility verification by means of 1-9 Forms through Department of Homeland Security.

Exela Screen 360 online service makes it possible for administrators to manage the process of I-9 generation and maintenance. The outsourced service also helps you prevent oversights with built-in editing features that detect input errors which must be corrected before the user is allowed to continue. The service also captures expiration dates for automated revivification notices.

The best way to achieve 100 % compliance is to convert existing paper I-9s to an electronic format. Your compliance reports will cover all employees in your organization, so it’s easy to identify problem locations, as well as missing I-9s. Also, unlike paper, electronic I-9s are not labor intensive to manage or vulnerable to environmental damage.

All report features are designed to help maintain 100% compliance, make printing and viewing easy for authorized users. It will also help internal and external audits for inspections. With the optional location features, you can track compliance by location as well as across the entire organization. In order to create customized reports, it’s easy to export I-9 information into Excel or a third party system.


  • Verify employees with the Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration
  • Collect and review I-9 electronically to detect errors
  • Electronically store completed I-9 and work eligibility documents to a central repository
  • Documentation and assistance for government audits and inspections
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Exela provided solutions to a large national insurance carrier.
The solution decreased turnaround times from 12 days down to just one, offers online reporting and finally can provide accurate data to meet all compliance regulations.
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