Employment Screening
Health Care Screening
I-9 Verification Solution

Screen 360 conducts industry standard 5, 7, 9 and 10 panel urine drug tests to detect the use of illegal drugs and commonly abused prescription drugs. We select a convenient location for the applicant or employee to provide a sample. At the testing facility, a technician oversees collection and forwards the sample to the laboratory. Negative results are available within 24 hours and most positive results are available within 48 hours.

Exela provides a Web based Chain of Custody (Web COC) solution, an innovative collection tool that leads collectors through each step of collection process to produce a non-regulated chain of custody form on site.

Benefits of Web COC

  1. Eliminate the need to order and stock pre-printed non regulated COC form for urine, hair, oral fluid and rapid drug test
  2. Reduces the time collector spends in collecting documentation
  3. Replaces illegible handwritten COC entries with an electronic printed form
Healthcare - Medi Track – Individual / Organization

Screen 360 offers an extensive range of healthcare screening programs based on customer requirements. Screen 360 provides you with an all-encompassing solutions for your healthcare screening requirements.

Screen 360 provides disciplinary actions for individuals or organization taken by state agencies, licensing and certification agencies in all 50 states.

Comprehensive data sources that includes:

  1.  OIG (Office of Inspector General)
  2.  GSA (General Services Administration)
  3.  FDA (Federal Drug Administration)
  4.  DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
  5.  Tri-Care (Formally Champ us)


  • Allows the healthcare industry to make a more informed decision
  • Provides a comprehensive healthcare compliant search
  • Identifies sanctions individually or by an organization


  • Helps reduce non-compliance exposure
  • Aids in quality staffing decisions
  • Helps protect healthcare industry from civil and non-compliant penalties
Random Screening – Drug and Alcohol Testing

Screen 360 can manage your Random Drug and Alcohol Testing program. The Screen 360 random selection program makes setting up and maintaining random pool groups easy. Simply inform us who will belong to the random pool group, how often you want to schedule tests, and what percentage of the pool needs to be tested. Screen 360 will do the rest. Our program also provides you with preventive controls to avoid multiple selections - this option prevents individuals from being selected more than once within a scheduling period (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or manual scheduling). In addition, test notices can be automatically emailed or faxed to your company informing you of who has been randomly selected.

  • Automatically selects and schedules personnel for random testing
  • Notification of individual to be tested is provided via email or fax
  • No additional fee for program management
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Exela provided solutions to a large national insurance carrier.
The solution decreased turnaround times from 12 days down to just one, offers online reporting and finally can provide accurate data to meet all compliance regulations.
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