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The employment screening solutions provided by Exela are unique and suited to the needs of any organization. At Exela, our process experts assist organizations in the deployment and management of a successful screening program using our Screen 360 solution.  As a hosted solution, Screen 360 gives organizations real time access to all employee screening results.

As a single source, pre and post employment screening application, Screen 360 provides employee screening as a comprehensive service to our customers.

Identity Track Search
Confirming an applicant’s identity is a key element in the hiring process. Verifying an applicant’s name, address, social security number and date of birth is essential to making an informed hiring decision and is recommended for every background check.


  • More in-depth time period coverage for up to 30 years in the past
  • Helps to identify:
    • Past addresses and movement patterns
    • Other possible names and addresses associated with the SSN
    • Validity of SSN
  •  Excellent investigative starting point


  • Essential for accurate, complete searches
  • Helps reduce liability
National Criminal Record Search
National criminal search is an instant database search consisting of over 400 million records covering all 50 States in addition to the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico. Data contained in the Nationwide Criminal Database search originates from statewide repositories, county information, the department of corrections, sex offender registries and Administration of Courts records. Exela recommends the Nationwide Criminal Database search be used as a supplement to a county and/or statewide criminal records search.


  •  National coverage & instant Search
  •  Customized search capability
  •  National sex and violent offender registries
  •  A supplemental tool to FBI and state fingerprinting processes


  •  Time and cost savings
  •  Allows you to compete for customers in all vertical markets
  •  Fills in traditional coverage gaps
  •  Helps identify risk
  •  One report, one source
County Federal Record Search
Exela’ Screen 360 screening solution offers Criminal Record Searches at the county level in every jurisdiction in the United States. The County Criminal Records search is an in-person search of felony and misdemeanor records directly at the county courthouse providing conviction information going back at least 7 years. By using County Criminal Search in conjunction with a national search, including a scan of available terrorist databases and sex offender lists, an organization can gain the most in-depth overview of each applicant to make informed decisions.

County criminal records include misdemeanor and felony convictions, as well as pending charges. Pending charges are important factors in the employment screening process, as the manner in which these charges are resolved will directly affect a business. County criminal records do not include federal crimes.


  • Comprehensive domestic and international coverage
  • Most current and accurate information available
  • All information passed through rigorous quality controls
Global Track - Watch List
Based on federal law, various government agencies have implemented terrorist watch list screening requirements for industries dealing with sensitive information or critical infrastructure.. Exela’ Terrorist watch list search includes the most common lists from various U.S. agencies, as well as international sources all in compliance with Patriot Act requirements.

Comprehensive data sources that includes:

    1.  OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons
    2.  OFAC Sanctioned Countries
    3.  Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties
    4.  U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (formerly BXA)
    5.  FBI Most Wanted Terrorists and Seeking Information
    6.  INTERPOL Most Wanted List
    7.  Bank of England Sanctions List
    8.  OSFI - Canadian Sanctions List
    9.  United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List


  •  Helps ensure company hiring and screening practices are in compliance with the Patriot Act


  •  Helps decrease customer liability
  •  Provides a more compliant and safe work and business environment
Education Verification

Education history is the most commonly falsified information on resumes and job applications. Screen 360 education and credential verification assists HR professionals in making the correct hiring decisions based on educational history. 

In many cases, applicants falsify degrees in order to appear more qualified for a position. Screen 360 not only verifies the accuracy of an applicant’s reported education, but also reports the dates of attendance, department of study, and degree status.


  • Verify if a degree or credential was received
  • Confirm the date awarded
  • To identify any fictitious school or diploma mill
Employment & Income Verification

One of the most commonly falsified pieces of information is an application’s employment history. In fact, over 34% of job applicants misrepresent their work history. With Screen 360 from Exela, we go directly to past employers to retrieve relevant information, verifying each of the applicant’s positions. By using Employment Verification, organizations can eliminate one of the most time consuming aspects of a Human Resources professional’s job.

Applicants often exaggerate the roles and responsibilities of previous positions in order to gain an undeserved competitive advantage. The Screen 360 Employment Verification process confirms the three most recent jobs an appli­cant has held over the past seven years, along with dates of employment, job titles, salary and re-hire eligibility.

Using Screen 360 Employment Verification tools allows organizations to remove the arduous task of verifying line items on an applicant’s resumes. In order to hire effectively, verifying information is the only proven way to ensure applications are representing themselves honestly. With Exela’ proven track record, our verification professionals are in contact with hundreds of employers nationwide on a daily basis and have the experience that can positively impact your staffing efforts.

Personal Reference Verification
Personal Reference verifications often make the difference in the final hiring decision. Screen 360 will verify professional references and can be tailored to suit industry or job-specific needs.
Professional License Verification

Screen 360 conducts an inspection of the employees’ professional license if any. This entails checking on the authenticity of the license accorded to the employee while checking its expiry status for further verification if needed.

If the position requires a professional license or credential such as CPA, medical license or teaching credential, Screen 360’s Professional License Verification screening solutions can confirm this information directly with the issuing agency. Exela’ verification professionals are in daily contact with every major licensing board in all 50 states and can verify an applicant’s license or credential quickly and accurately.

Employment Credit Report

A credit report reveals the financial stability of an applicant and alerts employers to individuals who may have an incentive to steal due to personal financial difficulties. Furthermore, applicants who attempt to hide negative work experiences often omit past employers from their resumes. A credit report may disclose unreported employers. A credit report is recommended for all positions with duties that inclued accounting or financial services functions, access to sensitive information, or handling of valuable merchandise.

Employee  credit reports offer valuable insight regarding the applicant’s reliability and sense of responsibility, particularly for those financially sensitive, inventory or retail key holder positions. The best indicator of an applicant’s future behavior is their past behavior. At Exela, we believe the best way to hire an applicant is to understand the candidate’s past before the offer letter is sent. With Exela Screen 360 and our Employment Credit Record solution, organizations can get a clearer sense of who an applicant is before they begin work. The process is quick and easy for all Human Resource departments and includes:
  • Instant Requests - Online requests can be made with access from anywhere at anytime
  • Fast Turnaround Time – Reports issued in under 24 Hours
  • Multiple Access Points – Email, fax and online
Motor Vehicle Record Search
Patterns of irresponsible and reckless behavior are often reflected in an individ­ual’s driving record. Motor vehicle records detail accidents, status and class of license, and traffic violations, including drug and alcohol related offenses. Motor vehicle records are important for employees who drive during business hours, and essential for employees who drive company vehicles or rent vehicles in the company’s name.


  1. Nationwide coverage through American Driving Records
  2. Provides such information as accidents, moving violations, DUIs, suspensions, etc.
  3. Available only to businesses compliant with Federal Driver’s Privacy and Protection Act (DPPA)


  1.  Helps identify at risk drivers


    •  Helps reduce risk for employers hiring drivers
    •  Improved company safety record and savings from employee downtime
    •  Assist in keeping liability and insurance cost down
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